RMS Flooring

TRILITE® RMS flooring are produce from high quality raw materials that are environmentally friendly, safe, noncombustible, moisture resistant and sustainable. It can be fix to timber or steel joists.

  • Withstand various climactic conditions
  • No harmful or toxic chemicals in our composition
  • Termite, mould, mildew and fungus resistant
  • Resistant to flooding and prolonged water immersion
  • Quick, easy to install and fix with no special tools required.

Technical Specifications

Density 1250 kg/m2 ±10%
Moisture Content ≤14%
Moisture Absorption rate ≤16%
Dry Shrinkage rate 0.5%
Wet Bulking rate 0.6%
Impact Resistance ≧2.0 KJ/m2
Screw Grip Force 15 N/mm2
Noncombustibility Class A1**

Board Tolerances

15mm ~ 20mm thickness ±1.0mm
Length ±2mm
Width ±2mm
Squareness ≤5mm

RMS Premium

TRILITE® RMS PREMIUM is a 100% inorganic board manufactured without any wood fibre, adding more of fire resistant perlite in our core structure of MgO + MgSO4 composition.

The board will perform better as it will absorb less moisture, increase resistance to fire and gives unparalleled dimensional stability, and as a bonus, lighter in weight.

Suitable for a wide range of external, internal and broader range of special applications for your building board requirements.

Suitable for:

  1. Ceiling
  2. Interior Wall
  3. Exterior Wall
  4. Partition Wall
  5. Floor Underlayer

RMS Sanded

Trilite® RMS sanded boards are produce with the same high quality, reliable technical performance, proven high fire & moisture resistance composition that you have known over our 15 years in production.

Sanding Options

  1. Sanded on 1 side / Smooth surface on the other side.
  2. Sanded on 2 sides.
Why Use Trilite® Sanded Boards?
  • “A1” fire grade material & non-combustible
  • Strict thickness Precision, minimum deviation
  • Unaffected by water & moisture, does not degrade nor deteriorate when in contact with water.
  • Very safe, does not contain asbestos, formaldehyde or any other toxic substances
  • Ideal for fire doors, flooring, walls, substrate for lamination, furnitures, countertops, others
  • Easy to cut, glue, fix, install & decorate

Density 1080 Kg /m3 (±150)
Bending Strength 12-17N/mm2
Compressive Strength 8.3 N/mm2
Modulus of Elasticity 7845 N/mm2 (Gmm)
Thermal Conductivity 0.21 W/mK
Thickness Swelling(wet) 0.2%
Dry-Saturated Movement 0.3%
Length (wet) 0.06%
Water Vapour Transmission 48.1 g/m2.day
Moisture Content 12.5 % (weight) ±10%
Surface Alkalinity 9.5 pH
Fire Resistance Classification A1 EN 13501-1
Noncombustibility Noncombustible EN ISO 1182
Surface Spread of Flame Class 1 BS 476 part 7
Surface Burning Class A ASTM E-84
Flame Spread Zero ASTM E-84
Smoke Develop Zero ASTM E-84
Gross Heat Combustion 0.606 MJ/kg EN ISO 1716
Toxic fumes generated when burning 100% non-toxic BS6853
Asbestos Content 100% No Asbestos NIOSH 9002
Formaldehyde Content 100% Free ISO 14184-1
Fungi Resistane 100% No Growth ASTM C-1338

RMS Board

Trilite® RMS Board is manufactured from a mixture of natural occurring mineral ores with high purity and highest quality reinforce with multiple layers of platinum strength glassfiberglass mesh. A Fireproof, Non-combustible, Category A board. It can be use for a wide range of applications both internal and external. It can achieve as high as 4 hours fire rating given the correct installation. RMS Board have very limited moisture absorption from air humidity, compared to normal MgO boards, the board does not contain any chloride ion (salt), resulting in corrosion of screws – nails – windows etc. The board can absorb and release moisture an unlimited number of times, without changes in the original board’s strength properties. The board is vapour permeable and insulation can be mounted directly on the backside, when used in ventilated constructions with closed vapour barrier.
  • Fireproof , Green Construction
  • Silica free and Chloride ion free
  • Will not rot or decay in humid environment
  • Resistant to termites, mold, fungus, mildew and insects

Application Areas of RMS Board

  • In combination with insulation materials such as EPS, XPS, Polyurethane foam, Rockwool, Glasswool, Fiberglass for superior sound, heat and fire insulation of partition walls and sandwich panels. Ideal for pre- fabricated light steel buildings and constructions.
  • For areas where you need the best water and moisture protection.
  • For furniture and decoration manufacturing (fireproof doors, counters, cabinets, safe deposits boxes, etc…)
  • For all interiors and exterior kinds of facings, linings, ceilings, raised flooring, underlayment, render backing among all others.
  • For all applications needing the best heat, fire, termite, mold, mildew protection.

Easy to Finish

RMS Board smooth side is ready to take all kinds of wall finishing such as paint, textures, stucco, render coatings, wallpapers. Rough back side is ideal for wall adhesives to stick with tiles, granites, and other lamination materials.

Safe to Use

RMS Board is an inert product qualifies for use in hyper-allergenic and clean room applications. It is non-toxic, free from any kinds of materials hazardous to human health or to the environment. It has been certified as class M1 safe product in Finland.

Easy Installation

RMS Board is engineered for strength, can be use for all forms of construction from wooden frame, metal frame and SIP panel assemblies. Easily cut with circular or reciprocating saws. It can be installed using nails, screws or staples.


Thickness 3mm upto 20mm
Standard Width 1000mm / 1200mm / 1220mm
Standard Length 2440mm / 2700mm / 3000mm

Key Benefits

  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Severe duty rated for impact
  • Euroclass A1 rated for reaction to fire
  • Easy to handle and cut on site.
  • Vapour permeable
  • Weather resistant – will not delaminate or bow
  • High pull-out strength – screw fix or nail
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Verified low embodied carbon
  • 100% non hazardous material
  • Superb moisture, fire and thermal resistant board.

Physical & Mechanical Properties

Test Properties Test Standard Test Result Unit
Bending Strength BS EN 310 12.1 ~ 17.1 N / mm2
Compressive Strength BS EN 12390-3 8.3 N / mm2
Modulus of Elasticity BS EN 310 5210 ~ 7845 N / mm2
Impact resistance BS 5669 : Part 1 23 mm / mm
Screw Withdrawal strength BS EN 320 69 ~ 87 N / mm2
Racking Strength EN 14358 9mm = 7.52 12mm = 8.41 kN (on 0kN load per stud)
Racking Strength EN 14358 9mm = 12.09 12mm = 16.98 kN (on 5kN load per stud)
Thermal Conductivity EN 12664 0.21 W/mK

Water & Moisture Resistance Properties

Test Properties Test Standard Test Result Unit
Water Vapour Transmission BS EN ISO 12572 48.1 g / m2 . Day
Swelling in Thickness after immersion in water BS EN 317 0.2 %
Cyclic Test in Humid Condition BS EN 321 -0.1% Ave. thickness swelling to 3 cycles of immersion in water for 72 hrs, freezing at -12°C to 20°C for 24
hrs, Drying at 70°C for 72 hrs.
Movement from dry to saturated state CNS 13778 0.3 %
Moisture Absorption Rate CNS 13778 35 %
Length expansion after water absorption CNS 13778 0.06 %
Porosity GB/T 7019-2014 33.4 %

TRILITE® RMS Board was tested by renowned Swedish SP laboratory for its hygroscopic moisture movement in comparision with 2 other MgO boards in 12mm thickness. The boards were conditioned in a climate chamber with a temperature of 20°C and 95% RH ( relative humidity). Visual finding results : After 42 days, no water was release or seen for the TRILITE RMS boards, while reference MgO sample#1 from factory A , started releasing water after 12 days, and MgO sample#2 from factory B started releasing water after 2 days.


Test Properties Test Standard Test Result Unit
Water Impermeability EN 12467 Category A No signs of water penetration after 24 hours, NO dampness or dripping on the undersides of the board.
Heat Rain Incorporating Thermal Shock from water spray (50 cycles) EN 12467 Category A No bowing, warping, cracking, or delamination occurred. No deterioration in their water impermeability performance after the test showing neither traces of moisuture nor water drop formation
Freeze-Thaw (100 cycles) EN 12467 Category A , post Freeze- Thaw MOR = 12.9 MpA There was no visual damage noted on completion of the 100 cycles
Soak / Dry (50 cycles) EN 12467 Category A, post soak/dry MOR = 13.5 MpA There was no visual damage noted on completion of the 50 cycles
Bending Strength after 24 hours soak in water EN 12467 Category A, MOR = 15.3 MpA Classified as a Class 4, Category A board

TRILITE® RMS Board fulfill the requirements of the highest durability category “A” according to EN 12467 and may be subjected to heat, high moisture and sever frost.

100% Safe, Non-Toxic and Non-Harmful to Human Health

Test Properties Test Standard Test Result Unit
Fungi Resistance ASTM C-1338 Fungal Resistant – No growth Biosan Lab – USA
Alkalinity BS 6829 Sodium Oxide : 56.7% ( ph between 9.5 – 10 ) TUV Sud – Singapore
Asbestos Content NIOSH 9002 No Asbestos Content TUV Sud – Singapore
Sulphide S2 content BS EN 196-2 No Sulphide S2 Content TUV Sud – Singapore
Formaldehyde Content ISO 14184-1 No Formaldehyde Content TUV Sud – Singapore
Evaluation of Toxic Fumes generated during burning BS 6853 100% Non-toxic below the IDLH value of listed gases, summation index R, is less than 0.3 TUV Sud – Singapore

Fire Rating and Fire Resistance Performance

Test Properties Test Standard Test Result Unit
European Fire & Building Classification Standard EN 13501-1 A1 or A1fl A1 = Europe’s highest fire classification, BRE tested
Surface Burning Characteristic to USA Standard ASTM E-84 Class “A” NGC – USA tested
Flame Spread ASTM E-84 0 NGC – USA tested
Smoke Developed ASTM E-84 0 NGC – USA tested
Fire Rating – 9mm thickness boards BS 476 Part 22 71 minutes Exova Warrington – UK
Fire Rating – 12mm thickness with steel & timber support BS 476 Part 20 132 minutes (Steel)
123 minutes (Timber)
Fire Rating – 12mm Single Specimen BS 476 Part 20 180 minutes CERAM – UK
Combustibility EN 1182 and BS 476 Part 4 Non-combustible Warrington Tested
Bomb Calorimeter Test (Gross heat of combustion) BS EN ISO 1716 Below 0.606 MJ/kg BRE- UK Tested
Surface Spread of Flame BS 476 Part 7 Class 1 Warrington Tested

Sound Insulation Performance

Test Properties Test Standard Test Result Unit
12mm TRILITE® RMS partition wall BS EN ISO 717-1 Rw = 48 dB
12mm TRILITE® RMS partition wall BS EN ISO 717-1 Rw = 45 dB

Dimensional Tolerances

Test Properties Test Standard Test Result
Density Kg / m3 1080 (± 150)
Length & Width mm – 2mm, + 3mm
Straightness of Edges mm < 2mm
Squareness of the boards mm < 5mm

CE Marking Conformity Number : 14SH200005029 according to European Construction Products Regulation (No. 305/2011).