Our Laboratory

All incoming raw materials and outgoing boards are checked and tested before usage and shipment in our in house laboratory . All our laboratory instruments are calibrated yearly.

Major raw materials

Our boards are produced from a matrix of mineral based raw materials + inorganic binders reinforced with multiple layers of platinum grade fibre mesh.


Manufacturing Process

STEP 1 Production moulds are cleaned and checked.

STEP 2 Exact proportions of each raw materials are measured and mixed.

STEP 3 Board’s Drying & Curing Stage

STEP 4 Boards are homogenously manufactured in our continuous production line.

STEP 5 Cutting & Dust Extracting Of Each Boards

STEP 6 Quality Control During Manufacture and Finished Products.

STEP 7 Finished Sheets are Flat, Smooth, Dimensionally Stable.

STEP 8 Export Standard Strong Packaging

STEP 9 Container loading