Test Reports

AS 1530.4 – 60 Minutes Fire Resistance Level Test Report – 9mm ( Australian Standard)
ASTM C-1338 Fungal Resistance Test
ASTM E-84 Surface Burning Test
BS 476 Part 4 Non-Combustible Test
BS 476 Part 7 Surface Spread of Flame Test
BS-476 part 22 – 71 Minutes 9mm Fire Rating Test
BS-476 Part 22 – 120 Minutes Fire Rating Test
BS-476 Part 22- 12mm 180 Minutes Fire Rating With Only
12mm Boards Test
BS-5669 Impact Strength Test
BS 6853 No Toxic Fumes Test
BS EN 196 S2 Sulphide Ion Content Test
BS EN 12390-3 Compressive Strength Test
BS EN 12664 Thermal Conductivity Test
BS EN ISO 12572 Water Vapor Transmission Test
BS EN ISO 717-1 Acoustic Sound Insulation Test
CNS 15546 – Asbestos Analysis Content Test
DIN EN ISO 13501-1 A1 European Fire Classification Test (Exova)
DIN EN ISO 1182 & 1716 Noncombustibility & Calorific Value Test (Exova)
EN 12467 : 2012 – Category A Board – 100 cycles of Freeze-Thaw, Soak-Dry, 50 Cycles Heat-Rain and Warm Water Test Report
EN 16516
ISO 16000
-TVOC/ VOC/ Ammonia/Formaldehyde/Sensory Test Report

GB 6675.4 2014 Heavy Metal Substances Test
GBT 8077-2012 Chloride Ion Content Test
ISO 14184-1 Formaldehye Analysis Test
M1 Certificate – Emission Classification of Indoor Air Quality
Render 2D – Bond Strength And Wind Load Test on RMS Board and Marmorit
Render 3B Render Performance of RMS Board With WEBER LAC
RMS Board XRD Analysis X-ray Composition Analysis Test
SP Hygroscopic Water Absorption, Hygroscopic Test on RMS vs Other MgO Boards
TUV PSB Mechanical Properties Test on RMS Board