Test Reports

ASTM C-1338 Fungal Resistance Test
ASTM E-84 Surface Burning Test
BS 476 Part 4 Non-Combustibile Test
BS 476 Part 7 Surface Spread of Flame Test
BS-476 part 22 – 71 Minutes 9mm Fire Rating Test
BS-476 Part 22 – 120 Minutes Fire Rating Test
BS-476 Part 22- 12mm 180 Minutes Fire Rating With Only 12mm Boards Test
BS 6853 No Toxic Fumes Test
BS-5669 Impact Strength Test
BS EN 196 S2 Sulphide Ion Content Test
BS EN 12390-3 Compressive Strength Test
BS EN 12664 Thermal Conductivity Test
BS EN ISO 717-1 Acoustic Sound Insulation Test
BS EN ISO 12572 Water Vapor Transmission Test
BS-EN 1182 Non-Combustibility Test to European Standard
BS-EN ISO 1716 Bomb Calorimeter Test
BS-EN 13501-A1 European classification test
EN 12467 Category A Building Board Test On RMS Board
ISO 14184-1 Formaldehye Analysis Test
NIOSH 9002 Asbestos-Free Test
Render 2D – Bond Strength And Wind Load Test on RMS Board and Marmorit
Render 3B Render Performance of RMS Board With WEBER LAC
SP Hygroscopic Water Absorption, Hygroscopic Test on RMS vs Other MgO Boards
TUV PSB Mechanical Properties Test on RMS Board
TRILITE NEO Board – EN 12467 Category A Test Report
VTT-S-03647 RMS Board M1 Emission Classification Report
RMS Board XRD Analysis X-ray Composition Analysis Test
NEO board XRD Analysis X-Ray Composition Analysis Test