About Us

Triple Lite Incorporated is one of the leading, trusted pioneer producer of Magnesium based boards since 1998. Our main advantage is the technical know-how and experience of our team of engineers and owner to develop a magnesium based board that is technically sound in performance, stable and the highest quality that you can buy from China with your peace of mind.

Commitment to environmental and safe working conditions of our workers, we had installed a dust collection facility ensuring minimum dusts, clean working environment for our workers. Environmental and Safety first policies are enforce.

All boards may look the same, but what matters is what you cannot see, our unique composition distinguish us from many other MgO board manufacturer. TRILITE is certified and independently tested with leading laboratories worldwide.


  • Continuously produce top quality boards for the construction industry.
  • Continuously research & develop new products to lead in our field.
  • Continuously offer our customers the material that they need for their wide and specific range of
  • Continuously be conscious of our role in the environmental protection, safety and contentment of our workers.

We pride ourselves to be the leading manufacturer of most of the leading brands of MgO boards in the market today. We look into the future and beyond.

Our factory is compliant and certified to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System . All our TRILITE boards are CE certified.


The production of both gypsum and Portland cement based boards significantly contributes to the increasing levels of worldwide CO2 levels. Production of Portland cement being the third largest contributor of CO2 for any industry. This is predominantly due to the high furnace temperatures required which is approximately 1400°C. The production of TRILITE ® RMS board requires only half the energy to make Portland cement based boards.


Disposal of TRILITE ® RMS board is non-hazardous to the environment and is not restricted with the Environment Agency ban. It can be dispose on a normal waste disposal site.

Company Statement : Preserving our environment while having the ultimate quality standard in mind, the production of our boards help stops global warming by not contributing to carbon dioxide ( CO2) pollution as we do not release heat during the production process of the boards.


Magnesium boards absorbs the CO2 from atmospheric air and helps reduce in a way to slow down global warming. Magnesium is a natural mineral that absorbs carbon dioxide like rocks which contains calcium and magnesium., Our RMS boards due to its inert raw material composition is magnesium, chemically, we can explain that the atmospheric CO2 in the air reacts with the board’s inert magnesium hydroxide MG(OH)2, absorbs atmospheric CO2 and transform them to magnesium carbonate MGCO3 . Magnesium Carbonate in itself is non-toxic and non-hazardous materials