Time & Cost Saving

TRILITE has excellent workability, easy to fix and install with carpenter tools. Cost-effective and saves
installation time and money.

Superior Sound Insulation

Provides excellent sound insulation when use as partition walls and ceilings.


It is 100% recyclable, it can be regrind and added to new cement mixtures or use as soil variant or buried
in ground without any harmful effect to our environment.

Mold-Free & Resistant to Termite Attack

TRILITE is mineral based, our board does not harbor insects, mildews, molds, fungi, termites and bacteria as tested to ASTM C-1338.

M1 Classified board as tested in Finland

VTT- Finland had approve our board with the highest M1 rating after testing the emission measurements against
volatile organic compounds (VOC, TVOC), carcinogens, ammonia, formaldehyde and sensory evaluation was

Excellent Thermal Insulation Properties

Ideal board to use for “ thermal break” applications, it acts as a cooling barrier for insulation, transmitting
less heat and a thermal conductivity less than 0.210 W/mK.

Durable & Highly Impact Resistant

Best alternative to gypsum boards, fiber-cement boards, calcium silicate boards.

Chloride Free MgO board , Chemically Stable

Less than 0.1% Cl content, a proven stable formula that TRILITE had been known for over a decade. We remain
the leader in manufacturing the best quality magnesium boards.

Category A Board – applicable to areas with heat, moisture, severe frost

No visual damage, no bowing, warping, cracking or deteriorating after being subjected to 100 cycles of freeze
thaw, 50 cycles of heat rain incorporating thermal shock, 50 cycles of soak-dry in the UK to EN 12467