RMS Flooring

TRILITE® RMS flooring are produce from high quality raw materials that are environmentally friendly, safe, noncombustible, moisture resistant and sustainable. It can be fix to timber or steel joists.

  • Withstand various climactic conditions
  • No harmful or toxic chemicals in our composition
  • Termite, mould, mildew and fungus resistant
  • Resistant to flooding and prolonged water immersion
  • Quick, easy to install and fix with no special tools required.

Technical Specifications

Density 1250 kg/m2 ±10%
Moisture Content ≤14%
Moisture Absorption rate ≤16%
Dry Shrinkage rate 0.5%
Wet Bulking rate 0.6%
Impact Resistance ≧2.0 KJ/m2
Screw Grip Force 15 N/mm2
Noncombustibility Class A1**

Board Tolerances

15mm ~ 20mm thickness ±1.0mm
Length ±2mm
Width ±2mm
Squareness ≤5mm