Technical Specifications


TRILITE® boards – 100% “Chloride Ion” free Magnesium Board TRILITE® are produce from a mixture of inert mineral ores, combining MgO powder, MgSO4 powder, Perlite, CaCo3, other inorganic fillers, and embedded with numerous layers of high strength platinum glassfibre mesh. TRILITE® is a pioneer in the development of magnesium based boards and its composition is among the best and un-match by other producers in China. Our raw materials with highest % purity, each incoming batch are tested and matching our approve quality standard before they are accepted and use in each production. Our unique and continuous R&D allows us to be the leading producer of magnesium boards, our boards are produce from a technique NOT involving any Chloride Ion content or they call “sea salt”.
Advantage of “Chloride Ion “free boards :
  • Does not corrode metals, steel screws and supports
  • Superior moisture and better resistance to humid environments
  • Stronger and harder surfaces for a better impact resistance
  • Safe to use unlike other MgO boards with MgCl2 in their composition
  • Does not have halogenide as a problem

Comparison for Boards with raw material using Magnesium Chloride V.S Magnesium Sulfate Physical Properties

Strength Water Resistance Hygroscopic return  “Crying boards phenomenon” Corrossion Resistance to Metal Warping Hardening Condition Water Softening Coefficient
MgCl2 High Good Possible Poor More Fast ≦0.30
MgSO4 High Better None Excellent Minimal Fast ≧0.80
* The water softening coefficient value ranges between 0~1. The greater the value, the better the material’s water resistance.
Water softening coefficient is a parameter indicative of a material’s water resistance nature, expressed as K-f / F.

Content 72H Moisture Absorption rate 168H Moisture Absorption rate 1000℃ Burning Combustion Shape Retention
MgCl2 38.20% 72.60% ≦ 50%
MgSO4 10.80% 31.80% ≧ 70%

Dimensions & Tolerance

TRILITE® boards are produced with standard thickness ranging from 3mm up to 20mm.

Standard Dimensions 1200 x 2400mm 1220 x 2440mm
Optional Width 600mm 900mm 1000mm 1200mm 1220mm
Optional Length 1830mm 2135mm 2500mm 2700mm 3000mm
* Cut to size boards and special dimensions are possible with minimum qty request.

Density 1080 kg/m3 ( ± 150 kg/m3, thickness dependent )
Width Tolerance -2mm , + 2mm
Length Tolerance – 2mm , + 3mm

Thickness Tolerance

Standard Boards

3mm, 4mm , 6mm ± 0.3mm
8mm, 9mm, 10mm ± 0.6mm
12mm ± 0.8mm
15mm, 18mm ± 1.0mm
20mm ± 1.2mm

Sanded Boards

3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm ±0.3mm
12mm, 15mm, 18mm ±0.5mm
20mm ±0.8mm

Above based on 1 side sanded. For a more precise thickness tolerance, sanding on 2 sides is also possible.

Finished Edges

TRILITE® boards are available in different board edges , such as :

  • Square Edge
  • 45 degree Bevelled Edge
  • Tapered Edge