Handling & Storage

  • Boards must never be carried in its horizontal position.

  • Boards should be carried on its long edges ( vertically) at all times.

  • Boards must never be stacked on its edge or upright position.

  • Boards should be stacked & handled carefully to avoid damage.

  • Boards must never be piled up with greater than 400mm spaced support battens

  • Correct way to store TRILITE® RMS Boards

Other Handling Instructions
  • Boards should be slided sideways when lifted from pallets.
  • Boards are supplied in packs on wooden pallets to permit safe handling by forklift trucks.
  • Boards must be allowed to dry ( when becomes wet) prior to fixing, installing or painting.
  • Care should be taken to avoid damage to the ends, edges and surfaces.
  • If outside, a protective plastic sheet must protect the sheets from getting rain and the elements.
  • Boards must never be piled up more than 3 pallets on top of each other.