Product & Features

TRILITE ® ( RMS – Reinforce Magnesium Silicate ) is a unique, noncombustible, superior weatherability, high strength, resistant to mold, mildew, fungus and termite construction board product. It can be use for a number of interior and exterior applications including walls and ceiling linings, soffits, tile backing, fascias, floor underlayments, decorative substrate, exterior walls and cladding purposes, fire rated applications like fire doors among many other.TRILITE ® RMS is a pioneer in the development of magnesium based boards and it’s composition and raw material is among the best and un-match by any known producer throughout China.

Our boards are produce from a matrix of MgO, CaCO2, MgCl, natural silicates and other inorganic substances that is safe to human health, 100% asbestos free and formaldehyde free. When expose to fire, it is non-toxic and odorless and an excellent fire resistant productTRILITE ®RMS is tested and approve by leading independent testing organization worldwide to ISO, BS EN, ASTM , CNS and GB standards. It comes in various thickness and standard sheet sizes.

The surface comes in a white , smooth finish and the back side in a rough finish ideal for lamination purposes to various decorative substrate like wallpapers, wood venears, high pressure laminates, etc. The surface can be painted, laminated, decorated, rendered or spray coated with stone-liked paint.TRILITE ® RMS boards are harder than drywall , unaffected by water and does not degrade when wet.

It is more flexible, resistant to extremes of temperature, crack free than cement board and calcium silicate boards. Unlike wood and plywoods, our boards are resistant to mildew, mold, fungus and termite attack.TRILITE ® boards can absorb water but it’s performance and durability is unaffected, thus it can use for indoors and outdoors and in damp locations such as showers, bathrooms, kitchens and other wet area applications.

It can be use structurally as in bracing for walls and also semi-structurally, such as under-layment for flooring. It can be use in coastal regions, areas prone to hurricanes, rains, extremes of weather because it can withstand harsh weather conditions

Trilite RMS Board Core Structure

Warehouse El Door Using Trilite RMS Board

Fire Rating

Standard Testing Authority Test Result
BS 476 part 4, BS EN ISO 1182 Warrington Fire Research Non combustible
BS 476 part 7 Warrington Fire Research Class 1 surface spread of flame
BS 476 Part 22 EXOVA Warrington UK 71 minutes fire rating Non-load bearing wall partition using 9mm thickness boards
BS 476 part 22 CERAM U.K. 180 mins integrity (single side 12 mm board)
BS 476 part 22 CERAM U.K. 120 mins integrity & insulation (steel stud)
BS 476 part 22 CERAM U.K. 120 mins integrity & insulation (timber stud)
BS 476 Part 22 CERAM U.K. 71 minutes fire rated using 9mm thickness board in a wall partition.
BS EN ISO 1716 BRE U.K. Evolved heat of component parts
BS EN ISO 13501-1 BRE U.K. Non combustible Class ‘A1’
ASTM E-84 United States Testing Surface Burning Test with ‘ZERO’ (‘0’) flame spread & no smoke developed.

Dimensional Tolerance (mm)

Unsanded boards
3mm , 4mm, 6mm ± 0.3mm
8mm, 9mm, 10mm ±0.6mm
12mm ±0.8mm
15mm, 18mm ±1mm
Sanded boards
12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm ±0.3mm
20mm, 30mm ±1mm
38mm, 50mm ±2mm


Unsanded Board
Thickness Width Length
3mm to 18mm 1220mm 2440mm, 3000mm
Sanded Back Side Boards
Thickness Width Length
12mm to 50mm 915mm, 1220mm 2150mm, 2440mm, 2750mm


Biological Resistance

Rodent Resistance Highly Resistant
Termite Resistance No Damage
Resistance to Bacteria Highly Resistant
Resistance to Mildew Growth No Growth
Fungal Resistance No growth as tested to ASTM C-1228 (USA)

Heat Resistance

THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY ( K-VALUE ) : 0.139 W / mK ( 0.0982 Kcal/m. hr°C)TRILITE® RMS board have “K” value of 0.139 W/mK, hence can contribute to energy savings and can provide comfort to the occupants of the buildings in which the board are used. The lower the (K) value of a material, the better it’s insulatiing efficency.

Freeze/Thaw Test

Tested to BS EN 321 for cyclic test in humid condition, board was expose to three cycles each
comprising of:

  • Immersion in water at 20 ± 2 ) °C for 72 hours
  • Freezing at between – 12 °C and -20°C for 24 hours
  • Drying at 70 °C for 72 hours

Test Results : No cracking, dsintegration, crumbling, stripping occurred on TRILITE RMS Board and the average thickness swelling was -0.2% , average tensile stength 0.20 N/mm2 (12mm) , 0.97N/mm2 (6mm).

Water Endurance Test

No bloating on reverse side. Non-occurrence of swelling, breakage nor tearing apart of the

Sound insulation

Sound Reduction Index (Rw)
Frequency 100 125 160 200 250 315 400 500 630 800
Sound Absorbtion (dB) 16.8 29.5 31.9 25.6 23 33.6 40 40.9 40.2 44.8
Frequency (Hz) 1000 1250 1600 2000 2500 3150 4000 5000 6300 8000
Sound Absorption (dB) 48.5 51.3 52.4 53.7 52.6 43.6 43.2 49.7 55 59.4
  • *Specimens 9mm on both sides, mineral wool = 93mm partition
  • *Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw): 38dB
Test Description Test standard Sound Insulation
1 layer of 12mm TRILITE® RMS board on both sides with insulation cavity, 70mm metal stud partition BS EN ISO 717-1 Rw = 48 dB
1 layer of 9mm TRILITE ® board on both sides with insulation cavity, 70mm metal stud partition BS EN ISO 717-1 Rw = 45 dB
12mm thickness board BS 476 Part 22 Rw = 48 dB
9mm thickness board BS 476 Part 22 Rw = 45 dB
Note :

  • Above tests conducted under room receiving volume 50 m3, source room volume 55m3.
  • Frequency from 100 – 5000 Hz. Test conducted in the UK with Sound Research Laboratories.
  • For a higher sounf insulation values, we recommend the user to apply higher density mineral
    wool /rockwool / glassfibre wool in the cavity and leave a gap for sound transmission
    inside the core of the partition.

Dimensional Stability

Test Properties Test Standard Test Result Unit
Moisture content BS EN 322 9.4 %
Swelling in thickness ( After 24 hrs. water immersion ) BS EN 317 0.2 %
Water vapour transmission BS EN ISO 12572 48.1 Grams / m2 . Day
Cyclic test in humid condition BS EN 321 -0.1% Ave. thickness swelling
BS EN 321 0.97 N / mm2 ave. tensile strength
Moisture absorption rate CNS 13778 32 %
Movement from dry to saturated state CNS 13778 0.3 %
Length expansion after water absorption CNS 13778 0.06 %

Mechanical & Physical Properties

Test Properties Test Standard Test Result Unit
Compressive Strength BS EN 12390-3 8.3 N / mm2
Bending Strength BS EN 310 12.1 ~ 17.1 N / mm2
Modulus of Elasticity BS EN 310 5210 ~ 7845 N / mm2
Tensile Strength BS EN 319 1.97 ~ 2.42 N / mm2
Screw Withdrawal strength BS EN 320 69 ~ 87 N / mm2
Impact resistance BS 5669 : Part 1 23 mm / mm
Surface Alkalinity BS 6829 8.5 – 9.5 pH

Contains No Hazardous Materials

Test Description Result
NIOSH 9002 Asbestos determination test None detected
ISO 14184-1 Formaldehyde extraction test None detected