TRILITE RMS vs Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Boards.

Recently, there was a study titled “Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Boards Cause Moisture Damage Inside Facades In New Danish Buildings” written by Kurt Kiel Overgaard Hansen, Tommy Bunch-Nielsen, Bent and Carsten Grelk Red. These authors were working for the Dept. of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark and the Bunch Building Institute. The study was about the application of Magnesium boards in ventilated facades or what we call the “windboard”.

The Denmark problem described an “Magnesium board with MgCl2” showed signs of significant moisture, leaking salty water (or what we call ‘tears’), corrosion of fittings & anchors, and mould growth. The damages were caused by the fact that Magnesium boards absorb moisture from outside air during periods with high outdoor humidity (90-100% Rh) and form water droplets on the surface of the board. The droplets contain high amountS of soluble Chloride ions and appear on the surface of the boards and consequently caused corrosion of the metal parts. The exact composition of the board is not known and the company who supplied the boards was also not identified and which quality control system was used in order to guarantee the performance.

Chemical composition of the board is very important. You can find many cheap bargains from Chinese producers of MgO boards who sell them at very low prices due to lower grade and cheaper alternatives in their composition and recipe. A very common filling material for Magnesium boards are sawdust and wood fibres which are relatively cheap to source. A producer can create more profit margin and low purchase prices if they increase the amount of the wood fibre or if they use lower grade Magnesium powder as substitutes or if they use cheaper quality fibre mesh, etc…

The result is that the buyer get the product that they have paid for. When it’s a company’s reputation that’s on the line, why settle for cheap products? Especially if in the end they’d be spending more when they have to have defective boards replaced and at a loss. Choosing the right product, the right manufacturer and at the right price, would really save them more money in the long run.

TRILITE RMS has CE marking certification, we never mess with our recipe/ composition. It is the life of our company. Quality control checks on incoming batches of raw materials, at the right proportion of each raw material and method of manufacturing is very important to us. Our factory is one of the pioneers to develop the Magnesium board in ChinaAnd we’ve been in business since 1998. We maintain our stability and reputation as a high-quality, reliable and trustworthy supplier and partner to all our customers worldwide. Our product is extensively tested with known independent laboratories and extensive range of tests and reports are provided.